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How to get Instagram likes

How to get Instagram likes starting from scratch, no help from popular friends or illegal programs for this purpose. We will show you how easy it is to get likes and how Instagram works so it would be even easier for you. Do you want to break out on Instagram but you do not know where to start? In this guide you will find TOP 10 METHODS How to get Instagram-based likes about which you had no idea. We know how quickly you can be disappointed and just throwing in good photos does not guarantee that you will get lajki or wybijesz się. For many years, we have watched how algorithms and trends on Instagram change and we believe that these few practical methods will help you to improve your Instagram profile. Where to start to stand out? More interaction, more activity, more likes and comments! Followers on Instagram will come when your profile will have a properly engaged community. Jak zdobyć lajki na Instagramie

instagram likes

Instagram what it is

What is Instagram? This is currently the second largest social networking site after Facebook. Millions of users visit it daily and the most traffic is generated from mobile devices. How did it happen that Instagram was so successful in terms of popularity and earnings? First, followers and hashtags. Instagram gives us the opportunity to choose what we want to see and allows us to observe only interesting people. Assuming a profile, each of us has a chance to become an online celebrity. This is because the creators have a huge field to show off and the fans want to watch forbidden and hard to reach things, beautiful women, fast cars and many such things. The world on Instagram is as beautiful as it was without flaws, one does not like others. Let’s stick to this and throw in only interesting shots, unusual things that everything was in accordance with the “amazing” principle. Why is it worth using Instagrama actively? It is an ideal place for private persons and companies that can completely build a community and promote services or products.

Lajki na Instagramie

How Instagram works

Let’s move smoothly to how instagram works, or what gives instances on instagram. In this seemingly simple website there is no question of bad photos with an accidental filter. How much do you think is worth your breakfast or holiday picture 100 yajk? 200? and what about 10,000 you can do with us. Instagram since 2012 belongs to Facebook and in 2010 did not bring great profits. The whole was financed by shareholders or private money, and Instagram employed only 13 people. Since 2012, many changes have taken place Instagram has become a great place for companies or advertisers and began to earn a living. The contract was simple users can use the application for free for sporadic ads personalized to their preferences between the feed (on the home page between posts). Users loved this platform because it allowed everyone to show up and quickly gain popularity. In the next paragraph you will learn how to make money on Instagram and what they give likes on Instagram!

What are the likes of Instagram

Sure you will ask what they give likes on Instagram? What is it worth to get on Instagram? There are many answers to this question. First of all popularity, you’ll be recognized and invited to celebrity events. Regardless of whether you like to be in the company of famous people or not with popularity, there are always great opportunities. Companies are more willing to cooperate with popular influencers so this is a good reason to get popularity for money!
Numerous product placement, advertising cooperation or image on the products or services of the brand. Companies pay for it well-known Instagramers. Stars for product placement are able to win even from 20 to 30 thousand zlotys! With a popular account, it will be much easier to promote many things including your business. The sale of shirts, gadgets or other services that will only come to your head will get a good kick and popularity in the form of real fans! This is not all if you are an instagram entrepreneur, it is primarily a place to acquire new customers. Especially know about this restaurants or bars that use numerous hasthagi or locations to gain hungry customers! It’s great, but how

Lajki na Instagramie

10 Methods how to get Instagram likes

Likes make us feel the happiness … or at least the researchers say. Instagram on his blog often describes changes in the algorithm or tertiary, which shows what is popular and why some have more observations and others do not. We decided to make a bigger entry from this completely in Polish so that everyone who cares about their profile could learn how to get Instagram likes. Remember that if you know other methods about which we did not write, leave a comment and add them in the next entry!

1. How to get Instagram likes using popular #Hashtags

popularne hashtagi

Use hashtags

Hashtag’s on Instagram is a great tool that allows you to assign photos to individual words or categories. This is an ideal method to reach more recipients who are watching hasthags or searching for content on Instagram. Using hasthags you are not at all sure that the people who check them will be your observers at once. It’s good to catch their attention with good photos and use hasthags only of the photo. Nobody likes us when searching for content specifically related to eg Instagram and gets a guide on how to make a cake! Of course, the example is bizarre, but you just understand the pity of your time and the discouragement of the fans. Does this mean that I should exhaust the whole description with tags and use only them? Absolutely not! Instagram algorithms are not stupid and do not promote everything as it goes, and besides, it does not look good in the eyes of potential recipients. We think it’s better to use between 5 and 10 hashtags than spam at 30 at once! If you want to compete between popular hashtags, you may be disappointed. Usually, only photos that get the most likes and comments to get valuable content from the user are promoted. We recommend the use of popular hastags and simultaneous promotion in the form of topping up likes. Then you gain likes on Instagram from our users as well as from other people from Instagram. Increase your popularity on hashtags and buy instances of likes.

Popular Hashtags

  1. #love (1 284 275 402 posts)
  2. #instagood (753 438 850 posts)
  3. #photooftheday (513 555 343 posts)
  4. #fashion (494 314 321 posts)
  5. #beautiful (468 478 959 posts)
  6. #happy (431 228 556 posts)
  7. # like4like (424 111 294 posts)
  8. #cute (422 334 253 posts)
  9. #tbt (415 733 288 posts)
  10. #followme (396 430 657 posts)
  11. #picoftheday (384 989 829 posts)
  12. #follow (374 853 266 posts)
  13. #me (350 002 994 posts)
  14. #art (349 934 197 posts)
  15. #selfie (339 388 360 posts)
  16. #instadaily (326 208 277 posts)
  17. #summer (325 533 908 posts)
  18. #repost (313 540 114 posts)
  19. #friends (309 759 791 posts)
  20. #nature (307 392 686 posts)

najpopularniejsze hashtagi

2. How to get Instagram likes by adding regular posts

dodawaj regularnie

Post regularly

Regularity of adding photos is important, you will not only remind observers about your existence, but also conquer the instagram algorithm of involvement on your profile. In order not to fall out of the trends, add a minimum of 3-5 photos or videos a week. Many people say the best amount will be at least one photo per day. We understand that not everyone has so much time and can not afford it, however, it is quite an important factor that Instagram would promote us more willingly. It is also worth remembering not to overdo it with the number of photos. Nobody likes continuous spam and 20 photos of your food a day. This is bad for two reasons, first of all users will not see it in the crowd of content, and secondly you will discourage existing recipients from following you by adding too much content.

When to post photos on Instagram

How to get Instagram likes with accurate planning of dates and times? It is very easy to add photos at a specific time, precise planning of a strategy or publication on Instagram at certain times. Sounds terribly or unnecessarily? We should not reach our recipients exactly when they use the application to get more likes on instagram. In the network we will find a lot of infographics showing the best Instagram publishing hours based on the number of active users at certain times and publishing at the same time. As you can see in the example shown, the best hours for the catering industry are 10:00, 12:00 or 20:00. What about the days of the week when it’s worth it? The best days to add photos are: Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. Interesting videos on instagram are best to publish after 21:00. These are only statistics from Instagrama and you can suggest them, but it’s worth experimenting yourself with the times or days when you add photos to Instagram.

kiedy dodawać zdjęcia na instagram

3. How to get Instagram likes – an idea for yourself

pomysły na konto na instagramie

The idea for an Instagram account

Regularity or imaginative hashtags is unfortunately nothing without an interesting account with an idea for yourself. Many popular users know that the correct composition and scheme of adding themed photos is more important than a nice photo. Think about what profiles you are watching. There are many sports accounts, culinary profiles are doing just as well and the animals are always in fashion. You can use one of these ideas or get inspired by the examples we give to create your own idea. Be original and interesting and the question about how to get instances on instagram will stop you. Interested in other ideas for an Instagram account. Or you want to learn more about what profiles are getting the most-loved ones. Buy our guide for only 4.99 GBP to get even twice as much interesting information as on the blog! We provide part of our knowledge for free, however, the best advice we have prepared only for people who decide to support our service with a symbolic fifth. Instagram + guide. We also encourage you to follow the blogs of our partners who also post interesting tips about social media, including Instagram. How to get like on Instagram, How to get popularity on the internet or additional tips on Instagram likes.

An idea for a culinary account on Instagram

pomysł na profil na instagramie

An idea for a sports profile on Instagram

pomysł na profil na instagramie sport

An idea for an Instagram account with animals

pomysł na profil na instagramie zwierzęta

4. How to get Instagram likes and not get boring

jak zdobyć lajki na Instagramie

Do not become monotonous

In the previous point you wrote to add what people want to see and stick to the schemes so what’s going on? There is nothing wrong with exiting the schemes from time to time to break down the barriers and contrast a little, but you should do it with your head in order not to lead to a situation where we starve fans because they did not expect it. It is a good idea from time to time to reintroduce an interesting photo, insert something opposite or look for the greatest number of connections with the subject we are dealing with. You do not have to immediately add photos of tires when you run restaurants, but for example, a selfie from the kitchen will not be bad at all! A good idea will also be adding videos or collages. Remember that on Instagram in one post you can add even a few photos or thanks to external applications you can share a photo or make an interesting collage from it. Viral movies often get more comments because people are tagged in them and you have the chance for additional observations on Instagram. If you want to promote any video on Instagram, check out our impressions on Instagram and receive them even 10 minutes after purchase!

5. How to get Instagram likes and take good photos

jak robić zdjęcia na Instagramie

How to take good photos on Instagram

Instagram is primarily photos and videos that must be interesting but well done. Pictures taken with current smartphones are 100% sufficient and can be as good quality as SLRs in the hands of amateurs. Remember that there are a few rules that you should stick to to take good pictures on Instagram. In brief, we’ll show you a few of them, if you want to learn more on this topic, please read: How to take photos on Instagram. To take a good picture on instagram, you should pay attention to such factors as:

  • Light
  • Composition
  • trichotomy
  • Focus on the foreground
  • Color
    Try to do the best quality photos that will fit your profile. Keep to a few of the rules listed above and they will be better and users will appreciate it.

6. How to get Instagram likes – photo editing

jak zdobyć lajki na Instagramie

The best photo editing apps on Instagram

You can easily make a separate entry, video and numerous comparisons on the phone. There are a lot of apps for editing photos on Instagram, but which ones are the best? It all depends on the preferences of users, however, the most important app for editing photos on Insta are: VSCOCAM and Snapeed. They offer a wide range of filters, settings such as contrast, white balance, saturation, sharpness, blur and much more. Vsco is characterized by many very nice filters, some of which are free and for others we will pay. According to us, it is for what because the photos edited by VASCOCAM are much more vivid, more interesting and full of colors. Below you can see an example of how it looks in practice.

Editing photos on your phone: VSCOCAM


Editing photos on your phone: VSCOCAM


7. How to get Instagram likes – being active

how to get instagram likes

How to grown on Instagram

Do you want to succeed on Instagram, upload interesting photos correctly, edit, etc., and yet you can not get involved fans? This is a frequent ill problem on Instagram. We forget that we are forgetting that our recipients are people and that we should direct their content to them. If you want to receive observations or likes, you should also give them to others. Be active, take pictures of others, watch your favorite hasthagi, inspire others! There is nothing wrong with it, in the world there will always be someone better so do not give up just searching for ideas. Remember to always reply to every comment or add encouraging descriptions in which people could mark their friends! You will gain additional potential recipients and improve the range of the photo or video. Remember never to spam under the pictures of others asking for likes or observations. Nobody likes this behavior and it looks terrible. You can find more about how to get on Instagram on our blog.

8. How to get Instagram likes like4like and groups

how to get instagram likes

Like4Like Instagram – Like for Like on Instagram

On Instagram there is also a way to collect likes known as like 4 like in Polish for a like. This is not commonly used in the Instagram application, so that users do not know that we get likes this way, but there are many groups on Facebook for this purpose. Users put a link to their profile and some encouraging photo to attract the attention of others. Other users in the comments add their link and enjoy photos of the people above in exchange for the likes of their photos. The method seems fair, however, not all users fancy photos, some just insert links without giving anything in return. It often ends up with hours of spamming for a few likes if you want to try it, for example on the Instagram Poland group on Facebook.

9. How to get Instagram likes with other S4S users

What is S4S

How to get instagram likes with S4S? Similarly to l4l (like for like) it is a promotional method associated with other users, this time we do it on Instagram. What does S4S mean? S4S is simply share 4 share or share for sharing. Users make a collage of their profile eg screenshot or add a photo from another person’s profile by marking it on it or tagging in the description. Usually, users do it for a few minutes and sometimes for a period or a week. The method is good if we have similar recipients and should not be used to spam referrals several times a day. It may discourage those who are watching you from observing your profile for excessive spam, watch out! Let us only provide profiles that we like after agreeing on the length of the promotion and the time in which we add the post. Remember to organize a welcome for new people on your profiles in the form of a few likes or comments for people who observe you! Certainly it will be a nice gesture and they will stay with you for longer.

10. How to get Instagram likes wtih

how to get instagram likes

Where to buy likes on Instagram

All these methods are great solutions for active users, but we know well that beginnings are difficult and piar is important, that’s why we provide you with great tools for Instagram promotion. Observations on Instagram from real users to build up the number of people watching us. Instagram licks that help us position our content higher or reach more people. Comments on Instagram to arouse the interest or involvement of fans under our photos or videos and Instagram display, especially helpful for vloggers who add a lot of videos to Instagram. We also invite you to test the services of our partners to which links you will find below:

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