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Facebook Post Likes only from best accounts! Facebook Post Likes are avalible in two qualities LQ and HQ we also have some special options like Quick Realization and Geotargeting. Please select options you would like to order.



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Why should you buy Facebook Likes

Do you know how to buy Facebook likes UK? There is many reasons why do people buy Facebook likes, first of all it hardly increasing your value in Social Media and also prestige in friends or customers eyes. People with more likes on Facebook looks more interesting for other people, they inspire confidence or sell more products.

Large amount of likes will give you easiness in running a fan page! Likes usually rule how good will your post or photo rank in search engines. If you care about SEO and real human incineration’s such us: comments, shares, likes etc it’s all that! More likes on Facebook increasing the chance for selection by Facebook algorithms and possibility to gain more active followers. If you don’t know how to buy Facebook likes UK please read down below dedicated tutorial to make sure you will get your likes quick.

It works the same as on Instagram, the more you have, the more you get. Keeping that knowledge the likes have a real meaning will help you rank higher, it’s important in planing your promotion in Social Media. You should focus on the content you post on your page. It’s important to force you audience to give you like and comment if possible. Try to encourage people doing surveys or contests.

Starting on Facebook no matter if you own a private profile or a Facebook page is not that simple. People say getting first 100 likes on Facebook is same hard as getting 1000 Facebook likes. It’s all about the scale but the process is the same. If you really want to get effective promotion buy Facebook likes and give it try! You will not be disappointed, we promise. Wouldn’t you be famous like actors, sportsman’s or celebrities which  they reach huge amounts of likes on Facebook. Strengthen your position in social media and get famous. Buy Facebook likes UK worth of a chocolate bar and get very good results, big increments for so little money!

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How to get Facebook likes?

You don’t know know how to buy Facebook likes?  Ordering likes with Boostlike is very simple:

  • Make sure your profile is PUBLIC
  • Select an amount of likes
  • Provide only correct Instagram photo link
  • Select additional options

How long does it take to get Facebook likes?

We always try to complete all orders as soon as possible, but for technical causes we complete standard orders within 72 hours. How long does it take to get likes with quick realization? Our priority orders are providing to realization instantly so you can enjoy likes on Facebook before other customers (priority orders even in same day!). If you haven’t received your likes after 72 hours please contact with us to resolve issue.

What is Facebook likes?

You are on the best way to get likes on Facebook which is basically more likes on Facebook for your photos or videos. Remember we can accept even a few links so you can divide your package for even few photos or videos!  Get bigger amount of likes and divide them on more photos. Simply click on plus button and paste new link in new input. To get only likes from UK or other European countries please select HQ (High Quality) option.

How can I pay for likes on Instagram?

We have prepared a few safe and quick methods to give you possibility and access to likes on Instagram. You can pay for the Facebook likes one of following methods:

  • Credit Card
  • PayPal (soon)
  • Bank transfer

Can I buy Facebook Likes UK only?

For this time as the first on a market you can buy Facebook likes UK. We are glad to present you exclusive Facebook likes UK (beta) from real accounts from UK and Europe. Unfortunately (so far) you can’t set your all likes will come only from UK, because we still have to resolve some technical problems, but we are happy you can order likes from EU server now!

Do you know how to buy Facebook likes Europe only? Selecting a Boostlike quality you can buy Facebook likes UK with a guarantee of High Quality and origin from real accounts from Europe which many of them are from UK! It’s the best solution so far and you won’t find anything better in same cheap price. Most of the account gives you likes on Facebook have English surnames, so no one will see the country of origin for those accounts!

Please ask us before you order for the country of origins those likes on Facebook. They may not be always from UK or Europe depends when you read this description.

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Is it safe to buy likes on Facebook?

Yes you can buy likes on Facebook at Boostlike safely but not every site is like our!
Have you bought on Boostlike? You can be calm. We use the latest technologies and your purchases are supervised by a group of specialists who care about safety, privacy and quality. We guarantee that you will be satisfied! Please read our guide how to buy Facebook likes UK and find out how we work.

Although you do not have to wait long because everything is done instantly, it is still very safe and with care for the customer! For over 16.000 orders nobody of our customers got banned! Do you know why? Because we don’t sell you fake likes or fake traffic. Is the same as asking friends for some likes for your photos, post or page!

You shouldn’t really buy Facebook likes from unknown sources such as: Facebook likes apps , hacks or even like 4 like programs. We don’t require any paid surveys to get likes or password to your account.

Fake apps or websites usually offers some free likes please verify is that true or not. Legit pages always have: terms and conditions, number of company, privacy policy, positive reviews. Those fake sites are mostly set to steal your personal data but also are dangerous for your PC or Smartphone! Please beware and only use our proven solutions, which many buyers have already trusted buying likes on Facebook.
Please read reviews and opinions about Boostlike and try it by yourself. We rule in social media marketing for over 5 years, and we are the best in it 🙂

How to buy Facebook likes on Boostlike

You don’t need to worry how to buy Facebook likes (it’s very easy). At the top of our site you can select the right service for you from Instagram followers to the comments, if you need to buy Likes on Faceebok (post , photos) don’t go anywhere! Simply select how many likes would you like to see on your photo or post. You can also divide the amount on a few links, to make it just add new input by clinking “plus icon” and paste new link to a photo or post. You can also add some extra options like: Likes on Facebook from Europe, Instant realization etc, it’s all up to you. Before you click add to cart and pay for the order make sure:

  • Your photo or post is public
  • Your profile is set for public acess
  • People can follow you
  • People not being your friends can likes your photos
  • You have given us a correct link to the PHOTO/POST


When you are sure all of those above click and add your service to the cart and pay as you like. Now you know how to buy Facebook likes uk and the process ends here. If you had any questions or not mentioned problems feel free to contact us! You can find Boostlike on Facebook. Now allow some time and enjoy unlimited likes on facebook without doing really much. Promote your Instagram and Facebook with , we have everything you would need to get famous.

How can I pay for likes on Facebook

Looking how to buy Facebook likes UK from Europe? You can buy some likes on Facebook on It’s really easy and you don’t have to have any knowledge or technical skills. Ordering likes on our website is same easy like purchase a pair of shoes from online store, can you do that? To buy Facebook likes UK you have to click a few times and just pay as you like. We give you quick and safety payment methods like: Credit Card + 3d Secure , traditional bank transfer , PayPal (soon). They are all very comfortable and safety in use! In Boostlike we are very serious about privacy and safety that’s why we accept only a few payment methods to make sure they are fine with our solutions. To give you best feeling and easiness of ordering likes we have made our website as much readable and speed as possible!

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