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Do not place an order for the same film if the previous one is still in progress.



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How to buy Facebook video Views?

Facebook video views are the best way to promote your videos to reach more audiences and provide interesting content, if you want to add some videos, you can split the views into fb and save money by ordering everything together, it is a completely safe promotional process for your video and video views on fb which you will receive come only from real users! To buy views on vide on Facebook you have to make sure that you have done the following:

  • Change the privacy settings of the video to public
  • Provide only one link in the field for that intended
  • Check if the correct link has been provided
  • The film must be available to every user

Remember that you can only purchase movies on fb only for movies, not for posts or photos to increase their ranges. After choosing an interesting package and entering the correct links, pay your order and the fb views will appear even on the same day. If you want to learn more about the additional options on our site, please read: Frequently asked questions on

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How to get Facebook video views?

Buying video views on Facebook with Boostlike is very simple:

  • Make sure your profile and video is PUBLIC
  • Select an amount of views
  • Provide only correct Facebook video link
  • Select additional options

How long does it take to get Facebook video views?

We always try to complete all orders as soon as possible, but for technical causes we complete standard orders within 72 hours. How long does it take to get views with quick realization? Our priority orders are providing to realization instantly so you can enjoy views on Facebook before other customers (priority orders even in 15 minutes!). If you haven’t received your likes after 72 hours please contact with us to resolve issue.

What is video views on Facebook?

You are on the best way to get Facebook Video Views which is basically more views on your video. Remember we can accept even a few links so you can divide your package for even few videos!  Get bigger amount of views and divide them on more videos. Simply click on plus button and paste new link in new input. To get only views from UK or other European countries please select HQ (High Quality) option.

How can I pay for Views on Facebook?

We have prepared a few safe and quick methods to give you possibility and access to likes on Instagram. You can pay for Views on Facebook one of following methods:

  • Credit Card
  • PayPal (soon)
  • Bank transfer

Why should you buy Facebook video views?

Are you starting a demanding and complicated project and want to increase the ranges to reach as many people as possible? Buy Facebook impressions is a great idea to buy impressions under your videos. Our impressions come from Polish accounts so you can be sure of the highest quality. In addition, if you want your movie positioned higher in search engines you should also be interested in our offer. We do not only sell empty impressions like our competition on the Allegro, our viewers watch your movies to the end so they will never spoil the positioning of your movies!  Special orders in quantities larger than given on the website, please contact us, we offer numerous discounts and discounts for regular customers! Find out more about how to gain popularity on the Internet and why social media has such a big impact on everyone’s life.

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Do you sell UK Facebook video views?

Facebook video views gives you a larger range people who seen your video.
Facebook video views are real recreations of your productions on the social network. The offer will be helpful especially for video bloggers, presenters or editors who want to show off their films on the internet in front of friends or customers. Views of films on FB come from real users from Poland and Europe and are characterized by high retention, that is, a high level of attention of the recipient, so you can be sure that your work will be watched to the end! Higher video views on fb are:

  • Image improvement
  • Larger ranges
  • Faster results
  • More cooperation with companies in the form of placements

If you want to learn more about how facebook works and why it is worth considering a comprehensive promotion eg fanpage or your content, please visit our partner where you will learn more.

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Facebook Video Views

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