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Comments on Instagram


Instagram Comments from best accounts! Instagram Comments are avalible in two qualities LQ and HQ we also have some special options like Quick Realization and Geotargeting. Please select options you would like to order.



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How to get comments on Instagram?

If you thinking about getting more comments on Instagram you’re found great place for it. We made Boostlike just for such people who need some help with their Instagram account popularity. If you want to get a lot of fans there is a few important things to do. The first thing is of course some Instagram likes and Instagram Followers but Instagram Comments are also important. The mix up a Instagram Comments with Likes is the best way for more attention on your profile. A lot of people want to know fameous people so if you buy some instagram comments or likes they will start text to you and they will follow your profile and your activity.

To get the best result of our promotion dont forget about:

  • Actively manage your profile
  • Upload only high quality videos and photos
  • Add right hashtags and descriptions

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Comments on Instagram

How to get comments on Instagram?

Buying comments on Instagram with Boostlike is very simple. There is no app or survey required:

  • Make sure your profile is PUBLIC
  • Select an amount of comments
  • Provide only correct Instagram photo or video link
  • Select additional options

How long does it take to get comments on Instagram?

We always try to complete all orders as soon as possible, but for technical causes we complete standard orders within 72 hours. How long does it take to get comments with quick realization? Our priority orders are providing to realization instantly so you can enjoy comments on Instagram before other customers (priority orders even in 15 minutes!). If you haven’t received your commentsafter 72 hours please contact with us to resolve issue.

What is comments on Instagram?

You are on the best way to get comments on Instagram which is basically more comments on your photos or videos. Remember we can accept even a few links so you can divide your package for even few photos or videos!  Get bigger amount of comments and divide them on more photos. Simply click on plus button and paste new link in new input. To get comments only from UK or other European countries please select “Real People” +  “UK Server Targeted” options.

How can I pay for comments on Instagram?

We have prepared a few safe and quick methods to give you possibility and access to comments on Instagram. You can pay for Instagram comments one of following methods:

  • Credit Card
  • PayPal (soon)
  • Bank transfer

Comments on Instagram

Can I get comments on Instagram in other language than English?

On the Boostlike you will buy real Instagram Comments in English language as default, but if you need comments in other language please let us know – our team will try help you. Why you have to get comments on Instagram in English? Almost everyone on the world know the English language so it’s the best way for the global popularity of your Instagram profile. People likes verified “places” so their will go to your profile after someone comment your photos or video. Buy Instagram Comments and grow up your popularity. Straight up!

We accept comments in:

  • Spanish
  • German
  • Italian
  • Arabic
  • Polish
  • And many more…

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Do you also sell funny Instagram Comments?

Many of people have entertainment type profile on Instagram and for thay content funny Instagram Comments are the best way. Whats mean the funny instagram comments? For the example some people on the funny profiles dont leave the text comments but just emoji comments like “????”. Funny instagram comments are not good for all so if you want buy Custom Instagram Comments we accept that option. How to buy Instagram Custom Comments? Choose option “Custom/English” and add your custom comments on the text area below price box.

Can I get some free Instagram comments?

Do you you want get some free Instagram Comments, right? You’re not alone, a lot of people want comments on instagram for free and we know it na accept it. If you want buy some Instagram comments from Boostlike but in the first you want test our quality we will give you a free sample. For free mean you don’t need pay any money but you have to do few things like:

  • Like Boostlike on Facebook
  • Message us “Hey I’d like to get 50 free Instagram comments trial”
  • Provide correct Instagram photo or video link
  • Enjoy your 50 free Instagram comments trial

Comments on Instagram

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Instagram Comments

10 Instagram Comments (Custom/English), 25 Instagram Comments (Custom/English), 50 Instagram Comments (Custom/English), 100 Instagram Comments (Custom/English)