1. The boostlike.eu website is a platform for conducting marketing campaigns on social networking sites.
2. The owner and administrator of the Website is the “BUBA SERVICES LTD.” Company with its registered office in London at ul. Great Portland Street 85 with registration number 11020271 (hereinafter referred to as Administrator or Service).
3. Using the website requires a PC or telephone, a web browser, JavaScript and acceptance of cookies.
4. Using the website requires registration and purchase of the appropriate package.
5. Use of the website means acceptance of these regulations and commitment to comply with its rules.
6. Regulations for partners are available at this address: partners’ regulations.
7. The boostlike.eu service is a mediating platform for the conclusion of a campaign order with third companies.
8. Using the site understood as placing orders and all other forms of interaction with the platform boostlike.eu requires the acceptance of the regulations and compliance with the rules set by the owner.
9. The Client, wanting to use the Services, must be an adult having full legal capacity.

1. In order to use the boostlike.eu service, you must register your account.
2. Registration requires filling out a form consisting of a login, password and email address.
3. Registration means acceptance of these regulations in its burden at the current moment of registration.
4. Registration on the site requires verification of the correctness of the email address entered in the registration form.
5. Registration on the site means you agree to receive commercial information, in accordance with the provisions of the Act on the provision of electronic services, to the email address provided in the registration form.

1. By registering, the user also consents to the processing of his data.
2. The Administrator is not responsible for the actions of third parties created as a result of password sharing by the user or omissions on the part of the user.
3. The data provided by the user will be processed by the administrator in order to provide services offered by the platform boostlike.eu and for the justified needs of the administrator arising from the law, in particular for marketing purposes provided by the administrator.
4. The User has the right to inspect the data entered by him, to process them, correct them and to object to the processing of personal data for marketing purposes.
5. The User may request the removal of data from the service database without giving a reason. Such a request is synonymous with the liquidation of the user’s account on the site and the forfeiture of unused funds for the campaign.

1. The Administrator declares that he will make every effort to ensure the proper functioning of the website. The Administrator does not bear any responsibility for damage caused by the operation of the website or the lack of operation of the platform boostlike.eu
2. The Administrator does not bear any responsibility for damages caused by sharing the login and password with third parties and losses due to software errors, malicious software coming from outside, malicious software on the user’s computer and any other random events.
3. The services available on the site are not limited by territoriality and the available offer is only demonstrative and the administrator is not responsible for server support and does not represent the service provided to include orders with third companies.
4. The administrator is not responsible for the way in which users use the marketing tools provided by the website.
5. The administrator does not bear any responsibility for the comments left on the site by users.
6. It is forbidden to use the website for purposes incompatible with the law in force in Poland.
7. It is forbidden to influence the functioning of the website in particular through the use of malicious software.
8. It is forbidden to use the platform boostlike.eu for any activities inconsistent with its intended use.
9. The administration has the right to close any account without giving a reason.
10. The operator and the administration of the website do not guarantee permanent effects of the campaign or promotion.


1. The user, by registering on the website, is given the opportunity to purchase services provided by the website
2. Services on the site may be purchased by other channels than online payments, for this purpose, please contact the administration of the service boostlike.eu
3. The campaigns have limits that are described in the product descriptions. If the value is exceeded, the duration of the campaign may be significantly longer.
4. Orders are processed within 72 hours of posting the payment on the account depending on the type of order, quantity and form of payment. The specified execution time is determined by the operator based on historical data and may be longer or shorter for such factors as – technical problem, incorrect link, server load, service update, order volume, public holidays, grouping / staff training.
5. After posting the money on the account, the user gets an appropriate email with information about the start of his order.
6. As a result of a service failure, the order may be extended by what the user will be informed of one of the communication routes given by him in the order.
7. Orders placed outside the site in every possible form (eg Facebook, email) are a premium service and they release the buyer from having an account on the site.
8. On www.boostlike.eu, you can buy additional options for each order: Quick delivery, Auto-completion, Gradual addition and Geotargeting from Europe.
9. An additional option of instant delivery is a premium service that guarantees the completion of an order in less than 72 hours from posting money on your account. For reasons of chance and technical reasons, the order may be extended and the client will be informed, but for this reason no refund is given.
10. An additional Autocomplete option is a premium service, which guarantees one free supplement to the purchased service in the event of a 50% decrease in the purchased package. But it is not refundable and does not have to be always respected by the administration in case of suspicious activity on the account, use of programs supporting account servicing and changing privacy settings of the name or deleting a photo, movie, song etc.
11. Quality is a voluntary choice for client accounts from which interaction with the profile will be carried out, currently LQ – Low Quality and HQ – High Quality are available.
12. Quality HQ is an account with a completed profile, having its own photos with a 30-day warranty of durability.
13. LQ quality are low quality accounts with random names without profile pictures and empty profiles, the accounts do not need to interact with the client’s media channel.
14. boostlike.eu reserves the right to complete the order in more than 72 hours without giving a reason.
15. Orders with incorrectly completed information such as wrong name incorrect link to photo, film, song, etc. are not refundable and do not have to be completed and / or in this case the service is not required to complete the order in the regular time given to the customer.
16. Fondness of observations, comments, subscriptions or displays and other services obtained with the help of boostlike.eu can come from accounts from around the world including Asia and do not have to come from Polish users.
17. Due to technical reasons, some orders may be temporarily delayed and the user will be notified via email. As part of the apology, the user is entitled to a coupon to be used for another order which will also be sent via e-mail.
18. Comments HQ purchased through boostlike.eu may contain Polish responses to photos or videos, but they do not have to come from Polish accounts.
19. boostlike.eu it is not possible to withdraw or delete services obtained for the customer, any decreases may result from the choice of quality by the customer, account maintained, organic coverage or interference by third party programs.
20. The option of incremental adding is an additional option for the client to divide in time the acquired observations, likes, subscriptions, views, comments or plays or other services provided on the site if the quantity purchased is at least 200. The minimum addition for one period is 100 and not is subject to change. The user is obliged to provide information about the time of order placement in the additional information field, but if he does not do it, the time will be random. Orders that are too small will be added traditionally and are not subject to complaints.
21. The option of geotargeting from Europe is an additional option for the client to obtain observations, subscription views, plays, likes or other services provided by the website from servers from European Union countries with reservations to accounts, they may come from around the world to have accidental names or their names. the tone may indicate origin other than Europe. Choosing a geotargeting option from Europe does not guarantee that the service will be provided specifically from Poland, but it is possible.

1. Every user has the right to submit a complaint regarding services offered by the boostlike.eu website.
2. Handling of complaints is handled by the publisher of the boostlike.eu website
3. To file a complaint, please fill out the contact form in the contact section
4. The publisher will consider the complaint within 14 days of submitting the complaint and will reply to the email address provided in the application.
5. The user has the right to appeal against the result of the complaint, which must be submitted in writing and sent to the above-mentioned address of the publisher within 7 days from the date of receipt of the response to the complaint.
6. Supplements of likes / observing and subscribing are only granted in the case of significant drops from 50% of the purchased order resulting solely from fault www.boostlike.eu
7. We do not take any responsibility for changes in algorithms on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Soundcloud, Twitter sites where we provide services that may be caused by minor losses of followers, likes and / or subscriptions.
8. All refunds are paid in the form of a virtual currency to the user’s wallet for re-use for other services with a 3% discount.
9. Virtual currency from the portfolio tab is not subject to withdrawals to a bank account or Paypal. These are virtual means to be used for services on the site boostlike.eu as a bonus or refund for the customer.
10. The virtual currency from the portfolio tab becomes proprietary to boostlike.eu and is not refundable in the event of bankruptcy or financial bankruptcy or other technical factors.
11. Virtual currency from the portfolio tab may be edited by boostlike.eu administrations in the case of premium services as well as technical reasons.
12. Each complaint should be reported to the email address [email protected] by giving the title of the message COMPLAINT.
13. The message about the complaint should include the order number, information about the problem, the name of the account or a link to the medium with which the interaction is conducted.
14. boostlike.eu has 14 working days to consider the complaint and inform the customer about its result.
15. The user waives the right to claims caused by the actions of boostlike.eu.
16. The User is not entitled to a complaint and refund if he voluntarily removes, actions caused by boostlike.eu.
17. The User is not entitled to a complaint and a refund if, due to a mistake or ignorance, he has placed an incorrect order or failed to comply with the regulations.
18. SMS complaints are handled by the HotPay broker.
19. Complaints via Bank Transfer are handled by the Paysera broker.

1. Every user who bought has the right to exercise the right to withdraw from the contract without giving a reason within 14 calendar days from received services / top-ups of the portfolio, only if these services / top-ups have not been used. The user who wants to use the withdrawal must send us an e-mail ([email protected]) with the following information: details of the buyer (contact and e-mail); a relevant statement of withdrawal from a distance contract; date of purchase and payment; information about the name of the purchased service; information whether the service has been performed; price of the service (with a discount if it was); declaration for the return of unused services.
2. The right to withdraw from the contract for no reason is not granted to the consumer in the event that the service offered has already been made in full, with the express consent of the buyer previously informed by the seller of the loss of the right to withdraw from the contract by these regulations


1. Settlements of transactions on the site boostlike.eu are carried out through the PayPal and Paysera payment platforms.
2. The Administrator does not bear any responsibility for the content of pages to which links published by website users lead.
3. All complaints regarding the operation of the platform boostlike.eu should be reported via the contact form.
4. The Administrator reserves the right to change the regulations. Regulations should be read each time before placing an order and accept its current wording. Using the services after changing the regulations means accepting its new wording.
5. In the event of a violation of the provisions of the regulations by the user, in particular, violation of privacy rules, the administrator can irretrievably delete the user’s account.
6. The user can delete the account on the website boostlike.eu by sending relevant information via the contact form